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Our Goal Is The Same As Yours – To Create Excellent Products That Sell.

As consumer expectations rise, companies come under increased pressure to deliver products to market faster, with more features, more product lines, and at a lower cost.

Here at Tailor Tex, we are proud to be able to respond quickly to changes in customer demand as well as across the clothing market in general. We do this whilst offering the distinct advantage of good value, high-quality apparel, that’s ethically manufactured.

Our Ethos

  • We provide expert consultancy across the entire supply chain to help our partners make responsible decisions whilst remaining competitive in the garment industry. By working closely with all our long-term clients, we place a high value on sustainable product supply. We also practice what we preach by adhering to our own principles in being a responsible, considerate company.

  • But our ethos is not just about garments – it’s about people. We value our staff and are dedicated to creating a workplace that is safe, fair, and enriching.

  • We foster a workplace culture in which the rights, needs, and unique contributions of each employee are respected and rewarded; if our teams are happy, we are happy – and our clients are happy too.

The Process

  • All our technicians are highly trained and experienced in their field. Using all the latest cutting edge technology, you can rest assured that not only will garments look great, they’ll be true to size and excellent quality too.

  • Measurements are taken and patterns cut using the latest CAD software as well as our own hi-tech machinery. This means that right from the start we can tell you what the actual costs are going to be, which in turn helps you plan your finances.

  • Finally, every one of our products undergoes a battery of all-important tests to control the quality level in terms of shrinkage, colour fastness, spirality, pilling, dimensional stability, button pull out and rubbing in particular. Our meticulous quality management plans ensure that the product our clients sign off is the product they receive.

What Sets Us Apart

Customer service

You get a dedicated account manager to ensure you have someone to assist.


We keep ahead of the trends so that we can advise you on your design decisions


We offer a full product cycle ERP operation to achieve delivery excellency


We guarantee excellent quality products as well as a top notch service.


We control every aspect of the process so we can offer you the best price.


Care about You so we audit & provide an expert consultancy supply chain.

Supporting Role


The Merchandising team is a highly dynamic group of young, enthusiastic staff who work closely with each factory to help them with their production schedule. Friendly, professional, and dedicated, this team is expert at answering questions related to the status of product labelling and packing or other similar issues. They’re fast to respond too and can assist with any last-minute problems or production emergencies.

Quality Assurance

Right next to the production line, we have a team of quality support specialists on hand to assist all of our factories with any issues around quality assurance. Here any time you need them, they are great to have around during the difficult and intensive process of production, especially at very busy times.

Operational Support

The Operational Support team is here to help our in-house employees achieve their maximum potential. They look after the smooth running of our operation and make sure Rayontex can continue being the outstanding workplace it is. Managing IT, accounts, office culture, recruitment and training, the team’s roles are highly skilled and diverse.

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